Is that they’re now everyoneOf course I mean that figuratively – but gamers are now young, old, male, female, rich, poor; you name it. From high school students to A-list celebs, games are now a huge part of a lot of peoples lives, and that isn’t for no reason. Games, unlike a lot of other forms of media, are entirely interactive. They’re online, and above all else, they’re undeniably fun.

Still though, people view games in a particular light. Certain news media would try and convince you they’re violent, or that they induce laziness and dwindle motivation. The fact of the matter is that this simply isn’t true. Most studies that suggest as such are inconclusive. Alternatively, there are many more studies (of which I will link more details to below) that highlight the benefits of gaming. Games can increase motor skills, reaction time, help with communication and language and stimulate the mind in ways that other media, such as watch T.V, simply cannot.

The content of this blog, and Virtual Medicine’s twitter and Facebook pages will aim to change opinions on this topic, and show people that gaming can be of a benefit to you, to your children and to those around you.


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